Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Montessori Studio

Thank you for visiting our Blog. The Blog is under creative design. Our Learning Studio is developing each day, feel free to give us any suggestions and feedback. We are blessed for this opportunity to nurture our Mangos. We are forever grateful to our parents for all their love and support.

Here are our Mangos, June and Friday. We were on our 2nd field trip for the summer. We went to a lovely Lavender Farm in Milton Delaware. 
Our Mangos enjoyed touching the lavender and smelling the scent on their graceful fingers. I will be making the smelling bottles soon! I will be using 35mm film casesround color stickers and fresh herbs to create the bottles.

Our modest beginnings. This is June. She is putting a Mystery Box on the shelf. The shelf was made by a dear friend and me!  We did not even use a level and the shelves turned out perfect!